Countdown Begins

10 days until NaNoWriMo begins!

I don’t really know what’s going to happen overall but I am going to stay positive. I have decided to stop focusing on software to write with like Scrivener and all the alternatives to that and I’m going to just use my Google Docs, I have a folder made and I have a doc for each chapter. That way I can keep a solid track of my progress, and keep up on my word count. Added bonus, if I get stuck on one chapter I will be able to skip ahead to another just to keep the words going.

I’m going to start taking my chromebook to work again this week and use this time to add little synopsis for each chapter as I can figure them out, for easy reference. But I’m not sure if I will, because the pantser in me just wants to see what happens as I go. I tried to use a very well though out character sheet with just check boxes and such but I haven’t sat down to work on those, maybe I will try that this week too. For anyone interested here’s a link to the tumblr that I found it. Pretty thorough in my opinion.

If you are looking for people that are going through NaNo with you and want some fast responses to questions, please check out the Discord Server that I’m a part of. The server is called NaNoWriMo and we have a good group and new people are joining everyday. Here is the invite link so please come and join in the fun with me! Discord is a really great way to chat with anyone, it’s used a lot for gaming with voice chats but it has text chatting, a mobile app to use on the go and a website version of the chat.

This week is going to really set the tone for this month, I’m not going to force myself into a large word count every day but I am going to try and push myself to the most I can each day. If I can hit day 15 and still be at 25k I’ll be very happy with myself.

Good luck to all my fellow NaNo’s out there and let’s keep writing!



Well it’s been an interesting week, I have not really prepped very well in my opinion for NaNoWriMo, but I think that’s simply because I don’t really know what’s the right way. I have thought about, come up with ideas for and even jotted down snippets that came into my brain but is that really prepping? I’m not sure. However I have, figured out a lot of plot points that I didn’t have pre-planned, and come up with ideas for the second and possible third book if I were to venture to having this be a series.

Book 1. The MC will, on a trip home from college, end up trapped in a town filled with other trapped souls that are in fact ghosts, she will have to beat the clock to survive because she will be without food or water. She must figure out a way to stop the Witch that is the root of the curse on the town in order to break free. In the process she will remember an old friend that is not of this world, her best friend will figure out and attempt to rescue her as well. It doesn’t end well for the MC and I do plan on leaving it with a slight cliffhanger of an ending. Nothing too, OMG, but still leaving it open for the next.

Book 2. We will follow the MC on her journey after the events of the first book put her in a mental institution and leave her with the new ability to see and speak to ghosts. She will have to fend off a new enemy and try and make it through her time so that she can be set free again. Her attempts will be for not and she will end up falling victim (in a way) to the enemy. Which will also be kind of cliffhangery 😀

Book 3. She is trapped once again but in another realm. It is once full of all shorts of different beings and it is one that she will have no idea how to escape. Her freedom will come at a price. Her life.

Obviously the first book is the one I’m going to do as my Nano and hope to get it at least roughly completed at the 50k. I do hope to raise that to a finished 80k and I think that that’s not impossible. The second and third books will be maybes. But I’m trying to say positive while keeping myself focused.

Now if only I can figure out how to get blog followers….

A Cover

This is a little late, things have been a bit crazy in life in general so updating was forgotten. I happened upon a service through NaNo, Pronoun, where you can create an ebook and they sell the ebook on the website, part of it was to make a cover with Canva. So here I was, deciding that I wanted to make a cover for a book I haven’t started yet. But it helped, brought me some confidence in a moment when I wasn’t sure what I was even going to do. Here is the cover. watcher

It’s beautiful. It was a pre-made template that was free but the trees are meant to be and it just looks perfect. I just love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

But in terms of the novel itself, I’m still rather lost. I have the idea, the general formed plan. I’ve decided to uncomplicate things by making only one ‘villian’ instead of two as I had thought, that other person will be a villian later but not in this book. I wrote around 440 words of what I do believe will be the first chapter because I kept dreaming/thinking about it and didn’t want to lose the words that came to me.

Maybe I’ll post it here for any possible feedback but not sure.

November is coming soon, and I will have to find time to actually write. To write and not stop, to write and keep going. That will be the hardest part. To write and not fix what I see as wrong.

4 weeks to go. I can do this!

Hit Refresh

Today is a new today, it is my birthday and after thinking and deliberating I have decided to make another attempt at this whole thing. I don’t know what will happen or if it will work out but I’d like to think that there is no harm in trying. Whispering Pines has taken many different incarnations as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do. Haunted Possession was a horror novel that I got really far in but I couldn’t connect the majority of it all to the ending I wanted. Over the years I’ve tried to think of different ways and other ideas came to mind. Until I was left with a jumbled mess without knowing what I wanted to do exactly. So here I am trying to wade through that mess and figure this out.

Where Haunted brought the reader into Dana’s life after she had to kill her best friend in a false attempted at saving her, Whispering Pines will bring the reader to before all that, we will see a different Dana. Her life will happen a bit differently but the idea is that I want to have the ending of this be the start of what I hope to be a re-invisioning of Haunted as a sequel of sorts. It’s a broad scope and probably that broadness will be an issue but I will still attempt it.

I will see what I can do, I read that I should start something manageable, 300 words a day. With NaNoWriMo coming up I think I will make a hard attempt at 50k, it’s a good start, will give me the chance at getting a ‘finished’ novel that I can expand upon later. But we’ll see.



Getting somewhere?….oh wait what about…

I have once again thought of a different plot point for the book. I get the feeling it could be slightly more plausible this way vs the way it’s currently written but again who knows. The laws are so confusing and I’m no lawyer, I don’t want to have anything too far fetched and some how having her do what I need her to do in order to finish the book doesn’t seem possible the way I had it. Plus I hate research so I hope to make this a tad easier on me. We shall see

I wrote the ending and know the basic gist of the 6 chapters between but fleshing it out will be a problem. I have to be able to write and lately that’s been harder than usual. Wish me luck!!

An end in sight…

So I’ve known how I wanted to end the book. But the problem was figuring out the big event. You know the thing that is the center of the book. I knew what I wanted sort of but it wasn’t until yesterday at work that I really thought about it. I’ve come up with how I will connect where I am now to the ending I want. Plus I thought of something that needs to be added. Scenes in the Cafeteria. The whole book so far she hasn’t had a meal. That is just not going to do. So! I will add some in after I get my ending. Feeling good about this.


Also last night my husband and I watched Lollapalooza streaming online. We were watching for NIN because in October we are going to see them at NJ. It was good. He wasn’t overly happy with the result. Stock set he called it. I don’t know really anything about concerts but I’m excited for this. It’s going to be A-mazing!!


Lollapalooza is going all weekend, clean to watch…