The Beginning

Book writing. It’s something that I’ve longed to fully get myself into but haven’t been able to commit. I love writing. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and my one constant dream was to publish a book. I have many different ideas that roam through my head on any given day. I’ve started and stopped many stories over the years. I had the idea for my latest book attempt for a few years but was unsure of how I would execute it.

I finally got the courage to forge ahead after a dinner conversation with my husband. He was telling me that if someone wants something bad enough, if they have a passion for something, they should do whatever they can to do it. I realized that I was making excuses for not writing. I knew I couldn’t get back into what I will always call my first book but I had another plot idea in my head for some time and had dabbled in the past at writing it. Finally I had some solid ideas and pressed forward to get started.
Thus begun my writing of Dreamworld…

This will be the blog of that venture, and maybe beyond that. All the things that I’ve done along the way and some of the small setbacks that I’m sure to experience along the way to getting published. Whether it is a big deal or just a self deal. Either way…here I go.


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