Started Chapter two today. Already feeling a bit unsure about it. I can’t really pinpoint what I don’t like but I think I need to do some research into that type of lifestyle. While the setting isn’t a real place or time I can take from the 17th century for examples.

Research done, interesting information! One, servants had way way way too much crap to put on everyday to work. Like 5 different pieces just to start the day! I think I am going to have to scrap this and start over.

So I still don’t like the title. Enlisted my friend Lyss’ help with the title. I had originally been focusing on ‘dream’ for the title but I suggested ‘Reality’ might be a better idea and she agreed, saying it was unique

and unique is good. So she came up with Fading Reality and…I LOVE IT! It’s perfect!! Thanks so much to LYSS!!!

Found CreateSpace from Amazon. Already set up an account and put Fading Reality in there to get started. If anything I can put this out for the masses. Could be interesting to see how that goes. If I got for an agent I think there is no harm in having this on CreateSpace first..right?

Not scraping the whole chapter, just parts of it. Tomorrow.


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