So I know it’s been a little while since I’ve made a post. Life as been interesting…I’ve finished chapter 8 and started on 9. Can’t help but think about the changes and how I kinda wanna get this damn things first draft done and complete so I can get started. Most important change is to make the tense consistent. I have a lot of past and present tense mixed together and that makes for a confusing read.

Next would be the intro. Obviously. I still dunno if I’m just gonna toss it or turn it into a prologue. The day her mother died seems like the right replacement for the intro as it is now.

I have a massive headache right now so I’m sure I’m not typing this at my best. Hoping to go back to sleep in a minute as long as my 1yo stays asleep and doesn’t wake up my 6 yo. We shall see.


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