New Novel

Fading Reality hasn’t been going to the way I’ve wanted. I’ve restarted it twice and I think that I’ve ruined the essence of it. That and I feel that I can’t execute the complexity of two different worlds. So I’m shelving it for now. I’ve removed it from Authonomy, I’m not sure anyone will miss it though 🙂

I joined

It has a great forum with, from what I can tell, some great people. Writers and people in the publishing world.

It was here that I found out about Scrivener. A writing software. I’m on the free trial, it’s a 40 program but I love it so far.

I started a new novel with it. Over 6k in two chapters which I think is pretty good. I’m not sure how to classify it and I think I should hold off on blurbs or anything until I get more into it.

The title is Haunted right now but I don’t feel that that is the right title so I’m sure I will change it as I go.

Onwards and Upwards!


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