So I let my husband read what I have so far. He liked it. Thought it was better than the previous novel I was working on, he said he couldn’t say more cause he didn’t know where I was going. I suppose that made me realize that I could take this anywhere. Not that I didn’t know that before but I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it’s not predictable in the first four chapters. He’s good and knowing what’s going to happen next. If he can’t see where its going than that means I can still surprise a reader.

In the shower, as good ideas often happen, I figured out the best ending ever. Now I just have to figure out the middle. I have ideas. Bringing in a new character who will be central to the ending.

Honesly I just want to finish a novel so I can actually start editing. I mean really editing. Going over each scene or chapter. Fine tuning things. Adding or subtracting things. Getting it in the best shape I can.

I don’t know how I will do it but I feel good about this one. Really good.

And that’s more than I can ask for in anything I work on…


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