An end in sight…

So I’ve known how I wanted to end the book. But the problem was figuring out the big event. You know the thing that is the center of the book. I knew what I wanted sort of but it wasn’t until yesterday at work that I really thought about it. I’ve come up with how I will connect where I am now to the ending I want. Plus I thought of something that needs to be added. Scenes in the Cafeteria. The whole book so far she hasn’t had a meal. That is just not going to do. So! I will add some in after I get my ending. Feeling good about this.


Also last night my husband and I watched Lollapalooza streaming online. We were watching for NIN because in October we are going to see them at NJ. It was good. He wasn’t overly happy with the result. Stock set he called it. I don’t know really anything about concerts but I’m excited for this. It’s going to be A-mazing!!


Lollapalooza is going all weekend, clean to watch…


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