A Cover

This is a little late, things have been a bit crazy in life in general so updating was forgotten. I happened upon a service through NaNo, Pronoun, where you can create an ebook and they sell the ebook on the website, part of it was to make a cover with Canva. So here I was, deciding that I wanted to make a cover for a book I haven’t started yet. But it helped, brought me some confidence in a moment when I wasn’t sure what I was even going to do. Here is the cover. watcher

It’s beautiful. It was a pre-made template that was free but the trees are meant to be and it just looks perfect. I just love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

But in terms of the novel itself, I’m still rather lost. I have the idea, the general formed plan. I’ve decided to uncomplicate things by making only one ‘villian’ instead of two as I had thought, that other person will be a villian later but not in this book. I wrote around 440 words of what I do believe will be the first chapter because I kept dreaming/thinking about it and didn’t want to lose the words that came to me.

Maybe I’ll post it here for any possible feedback but not sure.

November is coming soon, and I will have to find time to actually write. To write and not stop, to write and keep going. That will be the hardest part. To write and not fix what I see as wrong.

4 weeks to go. I can do this!


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