Countdown Begins

10 days until NaNoWriMo begins!

I don’t really know what’s going to happen overall but I am going to stay positive. I have decided to stop focusing on software to write with like Scrivener and all the alternatives to that and I’m going to just use my Google Docs, I have a folder made and I have a doc for each chapter. That way I can keep a solid track of my progress, and keep up on my word count. Added bonus, if I get stuck on one chapter I will be able to skip ahead to another just to keep the words going.

I’m going to start taking my chromebook to work again this week and use this time to add little synopsis for each chapter as I can figure them out, for easy reference. But I’m not sure if I will, because the pantser in me just wants to see what happens as I go. I tried to use a very well though out character sheet with just check boxes and such but I haven’t sat down to work on those, maybe I will try that this week too. For anyone interested here’s a link to the tumblr that I found it. Pretty thorough in my opinion.

If you are looking for people that are going through NaNo with you and want some fast responses to questions, please check out the Discord Server that I’m a part of. The server is called NaNoWriMo and we have a good group and new people are joining everyday. Here is the invite link so please come and join in the fun with me! Discord is a really great way to chat with anyone, it’s used a lot for gaming with voice chats but it has text chatting, a mobile app to use on the go and a website version of the chat.

This week is going to really set the tone for this month, I’m not going to force myself into a large word count every day but I am going to try and push myself to the most I can each day. If I can hit day 15 and still be at 25k I’ll be very happy with myself.

Good luck to all my fellow NaNo’s out there and let’s keep writing!


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